I'm Joining the Team at Drift!

I'm Joining the Team at Drift!

After 3 years at AvidXchange, I’ve decided to relocate back to Boston and join the marketing team at Drift!

It has been a truly incredible experience working with the team at AvidXchange. I learned a ton, went way out of my comfort zone by moving to Charlotte, and got to see what it was like working in finance and building the next generation of B2B payments.

Big life changes like this are a great opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect. A few thoughts as I prepare to move back up north:

  • Moving to a city where you know nobody is such a rewarding experience. For the first time in my life I wasn’t surrounded by distractions. It gave me an opportunity to slow things down a bit and focus on myself. I learned how to be happy with not being busy 24/7, which seems arbitrary, but having time to think about what you want and not be distracted all the time is something I will always be grateful for.

  • Living far from family comes at a cost. I knew fully that living far from family would be difficult, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make in the short term. This post by Tim Urban totally nails it.

    • Living in the same place as the people you love matters. I probably have 10X the time left with the people who live in my city as I do with the people who live somewhere else.

    • Priorities matter. Your remaining face time with any person depends largely on where that person falls on your list of life priorities. Make sure this list is set by you—not by unconscious inertia.

      3) Quality time matters. If you’re in your last 10% of time with someone you love, keep that fact in the front of your mind when you’re with them and treat that time as what it actually is: precious.

  • Working in a large enterprise is tough. When I first joined there were ~300 employees and when I left the place had grown to 1,500. Navigating internal politics at that size of a company was totally new to me, and I have a newfound appreciation for the complexities that come with it.

  • Expanding influence, communicating your big picture vision, and getting people on board with your ideas is a skill in its own. When you’re in a smaller shop, it’s easy to just put your head down and spend all your energy at the task at hand. Letting the numbers do the talking can only take you so far.

  • Process & operational excellence is required if you want to scale. I had the opportunity to work with someone who taught me so much about process and what it takes to transition a fast-paced company from startup mode to grown up mode. It’s hard, it’s ugly, it doesn’t get the credit that other parts of the org get, but it’s essential. When I was at Hubspot everything was figured out already. Going to a place that was more the opposite was incredibly frustrating at times, but I’ll be 10X better having gone through it.

  • Access to technical talent is something I took for granted in Boston. Coming down to a city that isn’t full of engineers and math wizards was eye opening and I have a new level of empathy for founders trying to build something special outside of major cities.

When I joined AvidXchange I was the first digitally focused marketer. I built a team from the ground-up, and when I left, digital was around 40% of pipeline for the entire company. That’s something I’m really proud of.

Now onto what’s next, Drift, where I’ll be leading SEO & paid acquisition. I’ll be joining a brand new demand generation team. At only ~200 employees, it’s a great opportunity to change the way people buy from businesses online. Drift was recently listed #22 by Linkedin’s Top Startups in America.

More to come!

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